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Report on Outing 25/09/11


G'day all,

The forecast was for snow showers on the Alps but this didn't deter 23 enthusiastic  people from turning up to listen to Col McAlister's in depth descriptions of the (his)tories of some of the places in the Glenburn/Burbong area. We visited the Colverwell graves, Glenburn homestead, the charcoal burners ruins, the Kowen school site and Colliers homestead.

Lunch was held huddled in the (comparative) warmth of the 1897 slab hut warmed by 23 bodies, hot tea and slice and bikkies. What we would have given for the chimney to have been restored and a roaring fire throwing out its heat!

One of the many highlights was the visit from Tamworth of Denise Pierce, great great grand daughter of John Edmonds and wife. Denise brought along a magnificent family album and will send to Colin any historic he does not yet have. There's a beauty of the adjacent workshed/hayshed complete with stringybark roofing.

Denise is in a couple of the attached photos in the orange jacket.
Photos are with compliments of Peter Phillips, who commented
Dear Col and Denise
Feedback on today's program:  eleven out of ten!  Not only a first class heritage tour of a part of the ACT I knew little about, but also the treat of meeting descendants of the early pioneers and the enjoyment of sharing a brew and lunch with some great people.
So, my warmest thanks to all who attended and made it such a rewarding day. We Frogs (Friends and relatives of Glenburn) are much encouraged by your support.
Please note the notice below and if you feel you may be able to help in some way we may see you again next Sunday.
Graham Scully


Contact Michael Goonrey at

Meet at Kingston Railway station carpark at 9.00am.

Bring gloves and loppers/shears for grass, briar and blackberry cutting,
lunch and drinks.

Proposed tasks:

Glenburn Homestead. Further rabbit control by pegging down perimeter
wire and reducing the gap below the gates. Briar and blackberry removal
in surrounding area

Hayshed: Clear grass around upright and fallen timbers and assess for
future works. Search for nearby old agricultural machinery and bits and pieces.

If time, Coppins chimney: consider possible emergency propping.

If time, Colliers homestead. Search nearby creek bank for evidence of
the quarry from whence the original clay/soil mix was removed to bond
the walls.

Please note: The results of our application for a Heritage Grant should
be known some time in October and if successful we will be able to move
on to more substantial works.


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