ACT birds
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ACT Birds

A full list and description of ACT Birds can be found in the Field Guide to the Birds of the ACT by McComas Taylor and Nicolas Day published by the National Parks Association of the ACT Inc. 1993, 1999 & 2006, 2nd edition 2013. Here are some members' photos of ACT birds, numbered according to the page number (first 2 digits) and picture number (third digit) in the NPA's field guide, first edition. Click on the photo to enlarge and get more information.

Hover over the Thumbnail-picture below to see its description.
Click on the picture to open it in the original format and aspect ratio.
You can proceed though the whole gallery by hovering with the cursor over the right or left border of the picture (pretty much in the middle) to get access to the buttons "next" and "previous". Kevin and Sonja will clean up the messy instructions in time - be patient. Thank you.