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Bushwalking Guide

Guide for Participants

The National Parks Association of the ACT  (NPA ACT) has a program of events for members and guests published online and in the Bulletin.  These include:

Day walks Participants are expected to carry lunch and snacks, drinks, protective clothing, and carry a first aid kit and any required medication.  Times in the program are departure from the meeting place and participants should aim to be there 15 minutes beforehand.  The duration of a walk is the responsibility of the leader who should be consulted re expected time of return.  Participants should factor in the possibility of delays.  Contact leader for further information about difficulty the walk;

Pack walks Bushwalks of two or more days.  Participants are normally expected to carry all food and camping requirements.  Contact the leader early to discus the walk and to arrange transport;

Car camps Facilities often limited and campers must usually be self sufficient.  Vehicles taken to the site can usually be used for camping although not always.  Contact the leader early for details;

Work parties Carry items as for day walks plus work gloves and any tools required.  As Work party details and location sometimes change, register with leader or check NPA ACT website,, for any last minute changes;

Other activities include ski trips, snowshoe walks, canoe trips, nature rambles and environment or field guide studies.  Contact the leader early for further details;

Wednesday walks (WW) Medium or somewhat harder walks are arranged jointly by NPA ACT, BBC (Brindabella Bushwalking Club) and CBC (Canberra Bushwalking Club) for fit and experienced club walkers.  Notification and details are only emailed to members registered for WW.  Only NPA ACT hosted WW are shown in the NPA program. For WW email registration, contact the Outings Convener.


All persons participating in an event organised by the NPA ACT do so as volunteers in all respects and as such accept responsibility for any injury howsoever incurred and the NPA ACT, its office bearers and appointed leaders, are absolved from any liability in respect of injury or damage suffered whilst engaged in any such event.

In voluntarily participating in these activities conducted by the NPA ACT, participants should be aware that they could be exposed to hazards that could lead to risk of injury, illness or death or to loss of or damage to property.  These hazards could include but are not limited to slippery and/or uneven surfaces, rocks being dislodged, falling at edges of cliffs or drops or elsewhere, risks associated with crossing creeks, hypothermia, heat exhaustion and the risks associated with any of the Special Hazards listed on the Attendance Record and Risk Waiver Form.

To minimise these risks participants should endeavour to ensure that the activity is within their capabilities and that they are carrying food, water, equipment, clothing and footwear appropriate to the activity.  Participants should advise the leader if they are taking any medication or have any physical or other limitation that might affect their participation in the activity.  Participants should make every effort to remain with the rest of the party during the activity and accept the instructions of the leader.  If separated from the party, stop and call out and wait until the party has located you.

By signing the Attendance Record and Risk Waiver Form participants agree that they understand these requirements and have considered the risks before choosing to sign the form and waiver any claim for damages arising from the activity that they might have against the association, the leader or any other participants in tort or contract.

Children under 18 years of age are welcome on NPA ACT activities provided they are accompanied by a parent, guardian or close relative.  Parents or Guardians will be required to sign a specific Risk Waiver for a Child form.  Participants undertaking events in this program are advised they should have PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE or, at least, AMBULANCE COVER in case of an accident requiring evacuation by ambulance or helicopter.

Distance grading (per day)                                          Terrain grading

1.    up to 10 km                                                                         A   Road, fire-trail or track

2.    10 km to 15 km                                                                   B   Open forest

3.    15 km to 20 km                                                                   C   Light scrub

4.    above 20 km                                                                        D   Patches of thick scrub, regrowth

                                                                                                   E   Rock scrambling

                                                                                                   F   Exploratory

Cancellation Policy

Outdoor events including all bushwalks and workparties will be cancelled if adverse weather conditions are likely, if minimum numbers are not met or at the discretion of the leader.  For example, events will be cancelled in Extreme and Catastrophic Fire Conditions, Total Fire Bans, widespread flooding and other Severe Weather Conditions as notified by the Bureau of Meteorology or Rural Fire Service for the relevant area.


The NPA suggests a passenger contribution to transport costs of 40 cents per kilometre for the distance driven divided by the number of occupants of the car including the driver, rounded to the nearest dollar.  The amount may be varied at the discretion of the leader.  Drive distances shown in the program are approximate for return journeys.  Leaders will announce the amount on return to the cars at the end of the walk.


Contact the leader via the details listed in the program or the Outings Convener.

Further General Information on Bushwalking

Bushwalking101 (; and

Lonely Planet Beginners Guide to Hiking (


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